2019 KIA Telluride Specs, Hybrid, Redesign and Performance Front

2019 KIA Telluride – New SUV Model with Upgraded Style

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The 2019 KIA Telluride will have many changes of features since Kia release the new Telluride Concept at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. At that time, we were told the costumer that it was a “theoretical exercise”. Because for the longest time, the trail of that car went cold, but the SUV model market continued to grow it up, we eventually got some few information of a large KIA SUV being put through the paces. To know about this new models KIA Telluride, here we are sharing the details this new car.

2019 KIA Telluride Hybrid, Redesign, Performance and Specs Side

Prediction of Exterior Design of 2019 KIA Telluride

The 2019 KIA Telluride has not much information about the interior design, before the release date. So, there is no information how that new car look like. But color if we judge of design who are involve the use of concept art, and the color of exterior will make a theme green and retro at the exterior and the futuristic concept in interior. The old version of muscular vibe it present in number of details about this car, especially at the up front. This new car set of four LED head lamps and indicator lights also contribute to the mix of the exterior. From side of roofline this car make the design is a classical SUV when the costumer facing this car. The most interesting and great part of this car are the tail light and the rear roof spoiler.

2019 Telluride more Stylish and Modern Interior Design

The inside of 2019 KIA Telluride will be more stylish and modern inside. The most important of this car is the Smart sensors that are design to monitor almost all their vital signs. This sensor is also a possibility for  medical related improvement. The other part of this features include a wireless cell phone charging and a bunch of components that will be manufactured by 3D printing can helping and entertain the costumer.

KIA Telluride 2019 Hybrid Model Engine Configuration

The 2019 KIA Telluride company has no details and certain information for the powertrain model that is going to supply for this new car. But some rumors said that it will be a hybrid model engine for this new KIA. That rumors  means a combination of a 3.5 L GDI V-6 engine complemented to supply electric motor. They should be able to produce at least 400 hp. Talks about the torque, the estimate place is at roughly 280 lb feet. But do not hold this rumors into the exact information for this KIA’s engine. As for exact specs of this new KIA Telluride, another information for fuel of this KIA has given so far is the 30 mpg fuel consumption on the highway. And it seems a little bit low, especially for a hybrid engine consumption fuel.

2019 KIA Telluride Release Date and Price Prediction

The 2019 KIA Telluride customers still has no certain information about the release date of the New KIA car. But it will be released on 2019. The price of the new car ranges from $26,890 to $47,290 before options.