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New Model and Style – Land Rover Defender 2019

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The new Land Rover Defender 2019 has been spotted and being tested using a bizarre looking shortened Range Rover body. For the size of this new Land Rover, it seems to be the size of the three doors 90 short wheelbase model, and a five-door 110 model. This new Land Rover Defender should be revealed at the end of this year and a fully electric model is expected before 2020. To get to know more information about this new Land Rover Defender, here we are sharing the details.

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Modern and Smooth Exterior Design of Land Rover Defender 2019

The upcoming Land Rover Defender 2019 is expected to look very similar to the DC100 concept that applied on earlier series at 2015. It has an earlier Land Rover Defender modern design, with a lot of ground clearance and heavy-duty scuff plates at the front side and rear side of the car. With Fully LED lights and smooth bodywork, it will increase the modern touch to New Land Rover Defender. This series is expected to be able to enter the high class car with this new model. While there is no information yet about the look of new Defender, it seems to have a larger five-door model than the earlier series.

2019 Land Rover Defender New Technology of Interior Design

There is no clear information yet about the interior design of Land Rover Defender 2019. The new technology of new Land Rover Defender, such as leather seats and Land Rover’s latest technology, makes their way onto the buyer options list. The new features of the new Land Rover Defender are like a reversing camera as an auto emergency braking and a modern heating system to face the worst winters that might happen. However, a Land Rover Defender’s main focus is still to be the best off roader. The chunky climate control buttons and harder plastics will set the new Land Rover Defender apart from the discovery, discovery sport and the Range Rover lineup.

2019 Defender New Automatic Engine Configurations

The Land Rover Defender 2019 latest engine has 2.0litres four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, it will be the main power plants of this Defender. The new Land Rover Defender will have both manual and automatic gearbox options, it should be available. Then, it will be far more refined than the old model of earlier Land Rover Defender. Actually, the information isn’t saying much, but the new Land Rover Defender will be the main show for its talents when you take it into the wilderness. The Land Rover Defender hybrid model is expected from or soon after this new defender will have launched. The hybrid model is expected to use a petrol engine alongside an electric motor. It is likely to offer 31 miles of electric-only power, but the complete electric version will be released in a later couple of years when the battery technology is good enough to dissolve fears of getting stuck in the wilderness field.

Land Rover Defender 2019 Speculation of Release Date and Price Rumors

After a couple of decreasing on the earlier Land Rover Defender, the new series is expected to be revealed later in 2018 and it will be going on sale in 2019. There is no clear information about the release date and price of this new Land Rover Defender 2019. But with all of the increasing features, the prices are expected to rise above £30,000.