Fiat Doblo 2018 New Van Redesign with Diesel and Gasoline Options

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Recently, the auto market has announced their new van upcoming. Yeah, the Fiat Doblo 2018 will be available as soon as on the auto market. As one of the most famous cargo vans, the new Fiat Doblo will offer more benefits. It is redesigned to be an awesome and excellent van. Based on the information, this van will offer larger space even with a small dimension.  To know the exact van redesign, let us follow the following review. Fiat Doblo 2018 Price, Redesign, Specs, Rumors.

Fiat Doblo 2018 Price, Change, Specs, Rumors Front

Fiat Doblo 2018 Pretty Van Exterior Remodel

The exterior redesign of Fiat Doblo 2018 will come with a prettier look than the previous van model. Even it comes with a same small platform of Fiat; it will also blend with another model. The platform itself will bring more benefits to make everybody surprise. It comes with characteristics that are more dynamic. The exterior brings bigger changes with the new bumper appearance. The new grille offered can enhance the pretty exterior within the new LED technology. Well, overall, the exterior will give pretty appearance for this new van remodel. The body features the longer wheelbase and the roof.

Spacious Interior with Useful Features

The new Fiat Doblo features great appearance with the large space. It really features the new van-like interior. The Fiat Doblo 2018 brings plenty space for spacious areas inside of the car. Some useful features are implemented into the new Doblo to complete the stylish cabin. Additionally, it also comes with the cargo space. With such more space inside, you can choose this van as a great cargo car to use. Even the stylish cabin is applied, it also resembles the great thing for comfortable cabin inside of this car. Fiat Doblo 2018 Exterior and Interior.

2018 Fiat Doblo Engine Options Diesel and Gasoline

The newcomer from Fiat Doblo in 2018 will apply some engine systems. This is a kind of commercial vehicle commonly using the diesel units. There will be a diesel engine system with the 1.3-L MultiJet. Of course, it will be great for it can produce around 90 horsepower and the torque will be around 148 lb-ft. Then, there is also the probability of applying 1.6-L MultiJet engine system for this new engine option. It will offer 105 horsepower and produce 214 lb/ft for the maximal torque. Finally, the company will also offer the next engine replacement. It uses 2.0-L engine system that can produce as well as 135 HP a 235 lb/ft of the twists. You can also find the gasoline system for the option that uses the 1.4-L engine for producing 95 horsepower. Fiat Doblo 2018 Specs.

Fiat Doblo 2018 Price and Release Date

Many people may wait for the launching of this new car on the market sooner. You can find it on the auto market later on this year. With all features, remodels, and engine options, this new van will cost in different ranges. However, the Fiat Doblo 2018 will be at a rate $20.000. Fiat Doblo 2018 Price and Release Date.