2018 Honda CR-Z Changes with Civic Platform and Better Engine

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The 2018 Honda CR-Z is considered as one of the most popular and successful hot-hatches from Honda. Now, the beautiful CR-Z at that time got the spiritual successor from the CR-X. However, it is such as bad mistake that makes the CR-Z only sold 1,000 in the worldwide. Therefore, the company really pays attention to upgrading and redesigning the HR-Z to make better performance and appearance through this new Honda CR-Z. 2018 Honda CR-Z Review, Specs, Redesign, Price.

2018 Honda CR-Z Review, Specs, Redesign, Price Front

2018 Honda CR-Z Exterior Redesign Lighter, Sharper, and Stiffer

The new 2018 Honda CR-Z will get some remodels with the Civic platform. This is similar to the one used in the CR-X originally. However, the new CR-Z is also going to have revisited version with the sharper lines. They also apply the light groups that are more modern, an eye-catching color pallet for modernity, and the CR-X details on the outline. Some rumor says that this new CR-Z will also have the current modular architecture debuted in a few months later. This car will be stiffer and lighter chassis than the previous one.

Simplicity on Interior Redesign

In line with the exterior changes, the CR-Z will also have big changes to the interior designs. Even it is based on the previous model; this will have simplicity on it. They are equipped with such switches, buttons, and instrument panels all in digital. Additionally, this new CR-Z will also get upgrades to the steering wheel design with aluminum details. It looks to have the sports pedal and the gear lever. Everything in this new CR-Z has to provide the greatest driving experience. 2018 Honda CR-Z Exterior and Interior.

Honda CR-Z Engine 2018 and Power Specs

What is the engine power system? This 2018 Honda CR-Z will have two optional engine systems. One is for the USA and Europe auto market that uses the power in Honda Civic R. this uses 2-L with 4 cylinders, petrol engine VTEC that can produce around 300 horsepower and 290lb/ft of the torque. Then, it will also remain the front-wheel drives and power with 6-speed manual transmissions as standard. The engine is expected to be lighter for creating 0.60 MPH for only 5.5 seconds. The top speed of this new car will be more than 140 MPH. it will give enjoyable driving for sure. 2018 Honda CR-Z Performance.

2018 Honda CR-Z Information of Price and Release Date

For the availability of the 2018 Honda CR-Z on the market, it will be sold in the next year. The price will start from $30,000. It can be the best net car to have from Honda in 2018. So, what are you waiting for? Let us check this car. 2018 Honda CR-Z Price and Release Date.