2018 Ferrari California Big Changes for Sports Car Redesign

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Ferrari is now going to introduce their new brand of 2018 Ferrari California. The California from Ferrari will be more stylish than the previous one. It reflects the elegance and represents the power and energy. Overall, the outlook will be awesome and appears likely the F1 sports car. The new exterior redesign will balance with the interior changes. You can see also how the power is applied in this new Ferrari California. 2018 Ferrari California Specs, Rreview, Price, Redesign.

Ferrari California 2018 Specs, Rreview, Price, Redesign Front

2018 Ferrari California Stylish Sports Exterior Redesign

Overall, the exterior appearance of 2018 Ferrari California will appear stylish for the future auto. The huge redesign features in the exterior appearance including the sheet metals and facelift likely on its F12 concept and plan. The front and backside of the car will get edgy hollowed body shapes. The new model of this California from Ferrari will also have the new dimensions. This is redesigned wider and longer body. However, it is also heavy in around 4070 pounds, lighter 60 pounds than the previous one.

New Cabin with Significant Changes

Dealing with its interior design, the cabin will have significant changes. The 2018 Ferrari California will get new infotainment systems and features with the new frames and special with the new predecessor. They also add the vision and new product on it. Some advantages can be gained from the changes with the feeling that is more comfortable. You may find the unusual elements on its center stack, comfortable space for front seats, and stuff for back seats. This new Ferrari California will represent the best sports car with acknowledging and the high-quality car in the future. 2018 Ferrari California Exterior and Interior.

2018 Ferrari California Power Engine Under the Hood

The engine system applied on the new Ferrari California will enhance with the 3.9-L of twin turbocharge using V8 engine system. This engine is capable of offering 600 horsepower and 600-pound feet of the torque. This engine can also move from 0 MPH – 60 MPH in only 3.3 seconds. This also can make 196 MPH for its top speed. With this detail, the Ferrari California power will really have great power to drive in the city and highway. 2018 Ferrari California Specs.

Price and Release Date of 2018 Ferrari California

Are you interested in having this awesome sports car? Well, the 2018 Ferrari California is still a mystery. There is no exact notice from the company about the release date. However, the price will be around $202,723 to $1,000 000 as the highest model. This car will be the perfect sports car you must have for the next future sports car generation. Price and Release Date of 2018 Ferrari California.