2018 Toyota Land Cruiser: Classy SUV Exterior and Interior with Great Engine

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Apparently, SUV vehicle has much change on appearances from the old school version into modern. Both of it still cool as SUV vehicle and successfully deliberate how SUV vehicle looks like. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser is one of those vehicles that successfully deliberate the SUV meaning. Now, it is also getting some refinement to stand out SUV point and deliberation from Toyota about SUV. So, what company got for this vehicle? Check this one out. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser redesign review specs changes.

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Exterior Redesign: mid old-school look but a total classy

SUV vehicle appearance has been improved from old school into modern. Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 is an SUV vehicle that adopts the old-school SUV concept which is boxy everywhere. Even it has boxy with soft edge finishing, the carmaker definitely success in bringing the boxy SUV into classy ones. It is boxy with classy style; the carmaker also redesigns some point that pointed out “the very SUV” looks with bar grille completed with Toyota emblem. Furthermore, the emblem is guided with two sides of the headlight. This vehicle also gets vertical roofing that adds nice finishing for rear design segment.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior Redesign: classy inside out

As it seen class from outside, the carmaker also consider about the inside. The carmaker wants to interpret their classy style in 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser redesign completely. Therefore, they redesign the cabin with some Toyota classy touch. The carmaker makes the inside quite roomy for first and second row meanwhile the third row less roomy. The third row is suitable for children or teenager, according to some expert. Furthermore, the carmaker puts some feature to make it more than a just classy shell with an 8-inch touch screen. It is equipped with fourteen speaker JBL audio system moreover to ensure passenger safety it got parking assist system with rear and front sensor, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control and much more. Surely, the company has equipped the vehicle with other feature like navigation system, radio satellite, Bluetooth, climate control, rear seat DVD entertainment system, app integration that can connect or access to Smartphone applications to support fun driving. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser exterior and interior.

2018 Land Cruiser Great Engine Specs

Now, this is the time to talk about 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser review of engine performance. The company is likely to put 5.7L with 8 cylinders to run with classy. The engine can provide 381 hp and 401 lb/ft of torque that gives a great performance. Furthermore, it has great towing ability around 2,200 lbs. This vehicle has gas mileage around 13 for city track and 18 mpg on the highway. Even it has low fuel efficiency but it got great performance to run in any terrain. The company has not confirmed about this engine prediction. After all, we hope that the company prepares for their fuel efficiency. Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 engine specs.

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Date Release and Price

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser can be perfect SUV vehicle for SUV lovers or anyone. The comeback of this vehicle gives new color in SUV flavor when it joins the market share. According to some rumors, tell that it takes $80.000 for the price. The right time for this vehicle to land on market is predicted around 2018. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser release date and price.