2018 Kia Soul: New SUV with Boxy Design and Optional Engine Power

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The Various car is invented with it purpose accompanied with some excellent feature. It also goes same with 2018 Kia Soul; the brand brings it back with some great capabilities. The company has made some new point to win consumer’s, heart. Do you want to see what the Soul gets from its company? Here is the detail. 2018 Kia Soul redesign specs concept review.

2018 Kia Soul Release Date, Changes, Features and Rumors Front view

Exterior Souls Change for New Soul Mate

Kia Soul is counted as SUV vehicle with it sporty look but family friendly. It looks like a boxy with some great edgy design to look at, simple but elegance. The carmaker is definitely a success on bringing old school boxy into modern style. Furthermore, the wide window gives gimmick and balances the boxy. It is previous exterior style, is true. The carmaker does not give any dramatically change to form a new soul. They just give a touch of fog light with it circle formulation to maintain better visions when bad weather occurs and headlight with bigger LED light. This 2018 Kia Soul also gets a new touch in smaller grille design with some new bumper also. Furthermore, it gets new bigger air vent with honeycomb form.

A True Family Soul Mate with New Interior Feature and Design

Kia Soul is a true soul mate for the family because what inside the cabins. The cabins totally provide better space for each passenger and quite wide window support its spacious feeling. A better vision of what going on outside is easy cause the window is easily open and close with a button near it. Furthermore, the company deals the cabin with fine material to coverage all over the cabin and it probably gets wooden touch the have warm welcomes. More from Kia Soul 2018 is the feature inside the cabin allows the passenger to enjoy the ride with Bluetooth, new sound system accompanies HD speaker, a navigation system, rearview camera to obtain the blind spot, some safety feature, the internet and much more. It is true family soul-mate because the cabin is adequate for a family member with it room capability accompany with luggage. 2018 Kia Soul exterior and interior.

New 2018 Soul Engine Specs

The Kia Soul definitely will go as a family soul with all features also the engine. The company decides to have one engine option likely. Some hopes that company changes their decision and provides some other engine option. Therefore, the company likely to put 1.6 L turbocharged engine. This engine estimate can provide 130 Horsepower and quite efficient. The gas consumption running in the city is around 25 mpg and 33 mpg on the highway. It includes some trims inside of the hood. However, the trim level will depend on the design and performance that wants to expect. The exact engine system can be gained after the 2018 Kia Soul release date. Kia Soul 2018 engine specs.

2018 Kia Soul Date Release and Price

The 2018 Kia Soul likely will be one of the favorite vehicles for family terms. Some are expected that this vehicle will hit the market around last of 2017 or beginning of 2018. The price will say how good this vehicle is real Soul for everyone starts from $15,900 until $22.500 for the highest trim. 2018 Kia Soul release date and price.