2018 Ford Focus: Best Review of Improvements and Changes

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After releasing the latest generation in 2010, the Ford will release 2018 Ford Focus. Even though this model is similar to the ST and RS, but there are some differences. In the first sight, the people will notice that this new model has wider and longer size compared to its predecessor. Besides, the cabin and engine have some changes that attract the buyer’s interest. 2018 Ford Focus redesign specs changes review.

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2018 Ford Focus Exterior Review

Despite physically bigger, the plastic panel is applied to the door, bumper, and tailgate. This new Ford Focus has a wide square headlight as the redesign on 2018 Ford Focus RS. This model is made of the light-weight materials which have premium quality. The effect of this material can decrease the weight and improve the fuel efficiency. The aggressive outlook of this model is supported with a 4-door hatchback. In addition, there is a pneumatic semi-slicks track on this exterior feature. The buyers also can see the tire with a 19-inch wheel. For this generation, the new ventilation will be installed.

Interior Review

The seat inside the cabin is designed for a leather case which is premium quality. On the dashboard, there are the 8-inch touchscreen and few buttons. This interior has some features by cooperation car Ford. The satellite navigation system is provided with this car in order to the driver get easier to get the right direction to the destination.  The market expects that this car is going to have more spacious on head and legroom. The people can connect their devices through USB port on this car. In addition, this car also applies Brembo brakes, seat belt, and air bags to secure the passengers from the accident. 2018 Ford Focus exterior and interior.

Ford Focus 2018 Engine and Specs

There are some expectations for the engine. The first is the 1.0L turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine, EcoBoost. The power of this engine can produce between 99 horsepower and 138 horsepower. The next is the 3-cylinder non-turbo engine that can produce 84 horsepower. Then, this Ford Focus is predicted to use a diesel, 1.5L with 84 or 118 horsepower. Even more, in the last option, this model will be launched in the all-electric model. It can be compared with the 2018 Ford Focus ST. 2018 Focus engine specs.

2018 Ford Focus Release Date and Price

The prediction for launching this upcoming 2018 Ford Focus has several opinions. The strongest opinion is the sale in 2018 with the price around £19.000 for the basic version. The higher trim will be offered approximately £32.000. This model is offered in numerous exterior colors such as frozen white, stealth gray, liquid black, and absolute black colors. It lets the buyers have wide option to choose their favorite. 2018 Ford Focus release date and price.