2018 Ford Falcon News Stunning with Its Appearance and Modification

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The 2018 Ford Falcon may have no changes from before. It will appear as same styles, engines, no different characteristic. Nonetheless, it still will have high-quality interior design and excellent exterior styles together with great engines performance.  Though the full-size Australian car had been a favorite for over fifty years, it seems that this is will be the last generation of Falcon. The last generation will be on the international market as soon as possible in this year. 2018 Ford Falcon replacement specs redesign concept.

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2018 Ford Falcon Exterior and Interior

It is said that the modification effect of new Ford Falcon was minor. However, the Ford Falcon 2018 replacement still has enormous innovation on the exterior design. For example, new front bumper, fog lights, and redecorate hexagonal front grille will be found on the front side. New thinner highlights with new LED technology will improve its visibility and make it look sportier than before. On the rear side, there will be LED bulbs and new tires system in the rear bumper. The five-door sedan has 18.580-kilogram weight and long 212 inches.

The interior upgrade of this 2018 Ford Falcon is much better than the previous version. It redesigns to be more elegant and magnificence with leather seats and leather steering wheel. For the safety system, there has a rear view camera, comfortable seatbelts, airbags, navigation, lane changing assistance system, and parking sensor. Moreover, for infotainment concern, there will be a stereo sound system, LED screen, Wi-Fi, USB ports, MyFord Touch, SD card slot, and Bluetooth, Smartphone and iPhone connectivity. These are such nice features inside. According to those features inside it will become the first class spot once appear on the market.  This car will be the best candidate for waiting for the 2018 Falcon. 2018 Ford Falcon exterior and interior.

Ford Falcon 2018 Engine Specs

For the engine power inside the hood, new 2018 Ford Falcon will offer two version engines. Both of engine powers were fast and powerful enough for a sedan type car. The first version will have a 5.0-liter V8 unit to deliver 570 pounds-feet of torque and 471 hp. It can reach the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph within 4.9 seconds and a top speed around 144 mph. In the other hand, the second option will have 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. Ford Falcon 2018 engine specs.

2018 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

Though there is no specific information about releasing date, the new Falcon 2018 may enter the motor market in last 2017. The price of this car will start from $30,000 due to nicest features compared from the current generation. This 2018 Ford Falcon will be so precise sedan to be waited for next choice. 2018 Ford Falcon release date and price.