2018 Dodge Dakota: New Strong Power with Elegant Pickup Truck Design

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The rumors said that the Dodge would like to produce latest Dakota’s generation called 2018 Dodge Dakota for next year car market. This third-generation of Dodge Dakota probably will much resemble the last 2016 version. However, many pick-up truck fans also hoping that there are some developing specs in the design and engine power so that it will be able to compete with another competitor such Acura TSX, Subaru Outback and Toyota Venza. Thus, here we will predict what we will have in the new upcoming car from Dodge. 2018 Dodge Dakota concept specs redesign rumors.

2018 Dodge Dakota Changes, Features, Release Date and Price Front image

Exterior Design Aspect Modifications

The pickup truck will come with strong, sustaining the durability and quality. As same as another pick-up truck, the new 2018 Dodge Dakota concept also will have a broad bumper. However, the bumper seems to look broader than the previous generation with chrome finished grills. However, it also goes 18 inches smaller wheels. This is just suited very well for a pick-up model. Additionally, it will go right for to do a rough job. Thus, the inside may offer much entertainment system that other pickup model.

2018 Dodge Dakota Renew Interior Design

The inside looks of Dodge Dakota 2018 offer a better level of comfort with top-notch materials. Both highly enhance infotainment system and security system will be found to make it even better such as traction control, navigation system, audio system, and auto braking system, touch screen display, airbags, and more. The car is fit for five passengers and still can move freely. The dashboard also redesigns into more modern concept covered with the high quality of leather. Those features and interior design are more than enough for better daily driving with a pickup truck model. 2018 Dodge Dakota exterior and interior.

Powerful Engine Specs

The engine power beneath seems to be enough powerful with a 3.7 liter V6 4-cylinder produce 210 hp ad 195 pound-feet of torque. It is also possible that the latest Dakota also will have a 4.7-liter V8 engine which produces 302 hp and 287 pound-feet of torque. The 2018 Dodge Dakota diesel should work with 5-speed or 6-speed automatic gear transmission and consume up to 30 mph which known better than its predecessor. This is a result of gasoline powertrains and should have a good impact for the best driving option in the 2018 Dakota latest generation. Dodge Dakota 2018 engine specs.

Release Date and Price

The releasing date of 2018 Dodge Dakota probably will in the last 2017 or early 2018 with the price expectation around $25.000 to $30.000. It will rise depend on the quantity features inside. 2018 Dodge Dakota release date and price.