2018 Toyota 4runner Redesign, Concept, Rumors and Specs

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One of the best crossover cars, 2018 Toyota 4runner will be coming. This new 4Runner is redesigned to complete directly its rival, the Wrangler. Some rumors about this SUV car are various. However, this upcoming car is still being secret. In another case, some information will explain how this car looks like, what the difference of this car, and how the performance. 2018 Toyota 4runner redesign concept rumors specs.

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2018 Toyota 4runner Exterior and Interior

Unlike other Toyota models, this new Toyota 4runner 2018 looks very sturdy. This is modified with the structure of on body truck. Of course, it is set for off road condition. To support the way, this crossover uses 17-inch wheels and alternatively it applies the 20-inch. There are some differences on the roof by using the power moon-roof. This 2018 4runner also gets some updates with the improved headlights and power windows. The new LED lights are fitted for running style for both night and daytime. So do the taillights, it comes with some improvement.

This new 2018 Toyota 4runner has a new interior model. The main improvement is providing the most comfortable and safest drive and feeling when off road driving. Moreover, this car can accommodate 7-passenger. Therefore, they choose to use the best leather material for the seats and steering wheel. Besides, the cabin, door, and dashboard parts are redesigned with the soft plastic with premium quality. There is upgraded infotainment feature likely the touchscreen display 6.1 inches. The best satellite navigation is chosen to allow visible gauges both in night and day. 2018 Toyota 4runner exterior and interior.

Toyota 4runner 2018 Engine Specs

To support the off-road performance, this 2018 Toyota 4runner model is upgraded with V6 engine system 3.5-liter to provide 300 horsepower and around 260 the torque. The fuel economy is expected to be improved. Additionally, the average of this fuel consumption will reach 18.88 mpg. Other improvements will occur on its gearbox by using automatic transmission 6–speed. This top speed can reach 116 mph. Of course, it can be the best power performance for this vehicle. The engine of this new 4Runner will be available for both all wheel and rear wheel drives. Toyota 4runner 2018 engine specs.

2018 Toyota 4runner Release Date and Price

After knowing the exterior and interior changes, it will be completed to know when this car is released. Based on some rumors, this new 4Runner will be released in 2018. Of course, you may feel curious about the price. This car costs $33,500 for the lower price and approximately $42,500. Well, this new 2018 Toyota 4runner will be ready to meet with its competitors. 2018 Toyota 4runner release date and price.