2018 Nissan Frontier: New Redesign and Released Date of Pick up Vehicle

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Based on the previous version of Nissan frontier that doing well in the global market, people will look forward to 2018 Nissan Frontier. Even though it redesign take a long time people will see how it work as a truck vehicle. Furthermore, this vehicle from Nissan will add some flavor in truck type. With it, the new design of exterior and interior, of course, will enhance it, class. 2018 Nissan Frontier diesel redesign specs performance.

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2018 Nissan Frontier Exterior and Interior

A new look from this Nissan Frontier 2018 is sleeker than the previous version. Meanwhile, the whole body is made material that makes it look strong even in simple design.  This new form will take alloy wheel with wheelbase 125,9 or 139,9 inch. This vehicle also has four doors as the previous version. The look will look different in frontline where a new kind of fog light is installed. The grille also looks great that design in line with the head light redesign.

The exterior get some redesign then the interior will get a total redesign. The interior will look like a car interior than a truck. Furthermore, it also provides a hot seat with adequate seating room complete it comfortable truck. The dashboard gets new intention with some feature in it such as Bluetooth, larger steering wheel and radio web. Supporting it comfortable truck definition, the interior will get a high-quality material. For it safety, 2018 Nissan Frontier is equipped with departure lane warning, automatic braking system, rear backup camera and much more. 2018 Nissan Frontier exterior and interior.

Nissan Frontier 2018 Engine Specs

This new direction of truck needs will get more excellent with it engine. This 2018 Nissan Frontier will get 2.5-liter four cylinders turbocharged diesel engine. This engine will provide power as much as 152 horsepower and 1500 rpm. This engine will nearly close to NAVARA engine that provides 261 Horsepower. Furthermore, this car uses seven-speed automatic transmissions and six-speed manual transmissions. With this engine, some expect that it will consume gasoline around 20 mpg. Nissan Frontier 2018 engine specs.

2018 Nissan Frontier Release Date and Price

Of course, people can wait to see a new brother of the truck from Nissan. It is no official announcement from it maker about the official date this 2018 Frontier will release into the market. Some rumor is mentioned that the prediction of this release date around a quarter of 2017. This vehicle price is also a mystery but some expect this new form of 2018 Nissan Frontier type will take around $19,000 for the base model, $37,000 as it top model. 2018 Nissan Frontier release date and price.