Sportier Look 2018 Lexus CT Redesign, Specs, Concept and Rumors

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The 2018 Lexus CT will sooner come. It is the time for saving and preparing the money to get this new Lexus. When you are willing the Prius technology, this vehicle is the right choice. Lexus is now ready to compete with the rivals in the auto market. For you who are curious with this coming, sum up the review of this car remodel and concept. Sportier look 2018 Lexus CT redesign specs concept rumors.

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2018 Lexus CT Exterior and Interior

The exterior changes on this new Lexus CT 2018 look sportier. It will give better driving experience with the new look. One of this Toyota brand car applies the drive models of front wheels. It includes the high modular system with the lighter exterior. This new Lexus comes resembling the LC model. However, it will face some additions on the front-end side. The spindle grille is applied to be more aggressive with the headlights. It is redesigned as good as the new bumper.

Well now, how does the interior look and feel like? This 2018 Lexus CT has some changes in the interior car remodel. However, it will not influence the comfort that becomes always the main purpose. The cabin is designed with the high-quality training and materials. It can be said as the winner here because of the comfortable seats for all passengers. Additionally, the new car features complete this latest model. They are including the detection of cross-traffic, warning of a frontal collision, and avoidance. It will be good to keep the advanced assist system in this car interior. 2018 Lexus CT exterior and interior.

Lexus CT 2018 Engine Specs

Dealing with the engine specs, it brings the one for more dynamic driving. It applies the Prius fuel efficiency. The engine includes 1.8 L of the natural petrol for electric motor. However, it uses less torque and power to combine with the engine power with 121 hp and 120 Lb-ft. This latest CT model gets more than 50 mpg as a good improvement ongoing the generation. This 2018 Lexus CT is newly designed for more suspension system with the low profile tires. Lexus CT 2018 engine specs.

2018 Lexus CT Release Date and Price

This car can be a good choice for city drive. Driving with the one that you love or you, family will carry you to have an amazing city driving. The changes on the exterior, interior, and engine make this 2018 Lexus CT more impressive. As look sportier, it does not mean that his car is not for a family drive. Well, just wait for this car until the end of this year. You have to prepare about $30,000 to buy this 2018 CT car. 2018 Lexus CT release date and price.