2018 Jeep Gladiator Performance, Review, Redesign and Concept

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A new modified Gladiator, which will be released soon, is 2018 Jeep Gladiator. This model actually was introduced in 1962. Now, this new generation has upgraded performance and style, which will bring the name of Jeep as a full-size pickup truck. Absolutely, this vehicle will show the sophisticated technology and new SUV design. 2018 Jeep Gladiator performance review redesign concept.

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2018 Jeep Gladiator Exterior and Interior

The exterior looking of Gladiator and Wrangler would be alike. In this new model, the Gladiator will use the long wheelbase. In addition, there is the open bed in the back car. The door panels are designed of light elements like steel and aluminum components. As a result, this Jeep Gladiator 2018 has a lower weight, which makes an impact in lower fuel consumption. Then, the new grille and LED headlights are completing the front fascia. Move to the back part, the taillight and exhaust system are revised. In addition, the most important design for this car is the ground clearance because this vehicle is kind of off-road capability.

Even though this 2018 Jeep Gladiator has a masculine exterior looking, the interior has a luxurious cabin. Moreover, the advanced equipment is ready there. The first equipment is the touchscreen display. This screen is located in the center console. Besides, the passenger would feel satisfied with the maximum features such as satellite navigation, GPS tracking, security system, climate control, and air conditioner. Apart from the feature and equipment, this car has comfortable seat. It is made of high-quality materials. Absolutely, it can make both driver and passengers feel cozy during inside the car. 2018 Jeep Gladiator exterior and interior.

Jeep Gladiator 2018 Engine Specs

There is two expectation of the engine used in this 2018 Jeep Gladiator model. Firstly, the V6 unit engine with 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Secondly, the 2.8-liter inline 4-diesel will produces max power of 163 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. These engines are mated with the 6-speed automatic transmission or 8-speed transmission system. This engine has low MPG, which applies the Eco-friendly concept. The new model can reach about 25mpg. Jeep Gladiator 2018 engine specs.

2018 Jeep Gladiator Release Date and Price

The rumor of the new 2018 Gladiator model would hit the showroom is late of 2017 or early 2018. For the pricing, there is no fixed price from the automaker, but the prediction of this model is around $26,500. After all, this gladiator must be ready to fight with its rival in the upcoming market. The remarkable competitors for 2018 Jeep Gladiator are Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ford Ranger, and Honda Ridgeline. 2018 Jeep Gladiator release date and price.