New Exterior and Interior Design of 2018 Jaguar XJ with Specs Price

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Talking about a high-speed car, you have to know about 2018 Jaguar XJ. This car is kind of sedan automobile with high performance. Actually, this car has a great performance in the class. There is an improvement on this car from the previous car. The improvement is exterior and interior design, engine performance, and much more. It means that the car has better specs. 2018 Jaguar XJ changes redesign review concept.

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2018 Jaguar XJ Exterior and Interior

The car appears with the amazing exterior design. I believe that the company had been work hard to make the design. Therefore, the design will be interesting to the market and interest many customers. Actually, the Jaguar XJ 2018 has a new grille. Yeah, it is trendy with LED lights. The front light of this car is cool with XJ-exclusive light. It is “Double J”. Then, for the taillight, the car has oval-shaped tailpipes.

The 2018 Jaguar XJ present with the amazing seats. Yeah, the seats are made from the best leather. It is so soft and comfortable. This kind of automobile offers wider and spacious cabin. You have to know that something special in the Jaguar XJ design interior. Yeah, the interior of this car will be dominated by wood theme. It is so classic and cool. How is the multimedia feature? As the other modern car, this car also complete with some devices, such as music entertainment, USB Ports, and speaker unit, this Jaguar XJ also has a larger size of display screen. For your safety, the car also provides safety features, such as parking area, satellite navigation, and so on. 2018 Jaguar XJ exterior and interior.

Jaguar XJ 2018 Engine Specs

The machine of the 2018 Jaguar XJ is the engine of 3.0-liter. By using the machine, this car will have great power. It is about 332-lb-feet and 340-hp. The car is also amazing with an automated transmission of eight-speed. The Jaguar XJ uses great powertrain it is V-8 and V-6. The engine of this car can produce about 332 pound-feet and 340 horsepower then, for the V-8, the engine can produce about 424 pound-feet and 470 horsepower. Jaguar XJ 2018 engine specs.

2018 Jaguar XJ Release Date and Price

Can you guess how much this car? Yeah, it is so much. It is predicted about $75,000. When will you know this car? Actually, this car will be released officially in early 2018. It means that you have to wait for some months to get the 2018 Jaguar XJ sooner. 2018 Jaguar XJ release date and price.