2018 BMW X1: New SUV Exterior Interior Design with High Engine

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When heard word “BMW” people will constantly imagine a luxury sedan vehicle coming the 2018 BMW X1. Yep, that is an image when heard this brand mentioned but BMW give another imaginary with BMW X1 2018. It is totally not sedan type vehicle and luxury as people usually sees. An SUV vehicle type design is remodeled with BMW ways. This vehicle will be SUV type in BMW taste because it gets some redesign point from interior to exterior. 2018 BMW X1 changes redesign specs performance.

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2018 BMW X1 Exterior and Interior

As mentioned before this 2018 BMW X1 is SUV type but in a compact style. The previous ones are failed to attract the market. Therefore, the carmaker redesigns the exterior into better shape with some edgy curve. The redesign is using the lightweight material so can reduce the weight. It also has aerodynamic style better than before. The front part still has BMW touch, the grille, as usual, BMW and it will use 17-inch alloy wheels. This is also provided some better ground clearance up to 40 mm changes.

Interior spec of this 2018 BMW X1 also gets redesign by the carmaker. The design will be better than previous in comfy and luxury. It is also equipped with the latest technology that augments the comfy driving experience. The dashboard redesign is done into eye-catching style with new speedometers, new gearbox and much more. the entertainment spot also available that supported with 8 inches of the touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, seven speaker system, FM radio, and much more. 2018 BMW X1 exterior and interior.

BMW X1 2018 Engine Specs

Like other SUV vehicle that giving a suitable performance, 2018 BMW X1 will give the best performance with its engine. The carmaker provides four types engine one with petrol type and rest goes with diesel. The engine uses its hood is the new TwinTurbo engine. This engine will provide at least 228 Horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque. It is also featured with the 6-speed auto transmission system. The engine of this BMW X1 2018 will dash out into hundred km/h in the 6.3-second show the productive of pulling power with the engine. BMW carmaker also concerned with the emission, the engine will give less emission than before. Other than emission, the previous style mentions that can economical consuming fuel into 40 miles/gallon. BMW X1 2018 engine specs.

2018 BMW X1 Release Date and Price

It needs the good patient to see the new SUV vehicle from BMW because the date release is unclear to be stated but some mention that it will ready as 2018 model and came out in the following year. Probably the price will be still a mystery because some assumed that 2018 BMW X1 would take slight higher price than the older brother would. 2018 BMW X1 release date and price.