2018 Ferrari Dino Specs, Redesign, Concept and Rumors

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Tell me what you feel when you have a 2018 Ferrari Dino in your garage? This car is a symbol of wealthy and high taste. Everyone who has this car will show off in front of the people. This is a vehicle, which will make the high taste human feel proud of it. The most important are this car will be released immediately. The concept of exterior and interior of this car is modern with a powerful engine. 2018 Ferrari Dino specs redesign concept rumors.

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2018 Ferrari Dino Exterior and Interior

This new Ferrari car looks very exclusive as a sports vehicle with the two-doors setting and lowered hood slightly. This car also applies a LED taillight and headlight. This headlight is designed like a boomerang shape, which has an attractive curve. Based on rumor, the dual exhaust pipes would be found in this Ferrari Dino 2018. Then, the lightweight materials are chosen to make this car. Due to lightweight, this car has a maximum speed. The new looking for this 2018 Dino is the unique wheels and a sleek roofline, which are uncommonly seen in previous cars.  The exterior body of this car includes 458 Croatia that will give greater atmosphere supporting the bumper.

This private car would be the best vehicle to carry your mate. Reminding there is a single row with two seats inside the car; it can load up to two passengers only.  The two passengers inside this 2018 Ferrari Dino would be impressed by the finest materials and fabrics in high quality. The right decision is for choosing wood, leather, aluminum, Alcantara, and carbon fiber as the materials in the interior car. Obviously, the people feel comfortable while sitting on the seat wrapped in leather. The leather is covered the steering wheel also. The high technology feature is completed this car by a premium audio system. Both of iPod port and USB can be operated in this car. It is an easier and more competitive feature for entertainment. 2018 Ferrari Dino exterior and interior.

Ferrari Dino 2018 Engine Specs

According to the people’s prediction, this 2018 Ferrari Dino will use a 3.0-liter engine or V6 engine. The highest power produced from this engine is the 503 horsepower. It is faster compared to the California T model, even though it has the stronger horsepower. The ability of the Dino car is able to reach up to 60 mph by spending 3.3 seconds if the highest speed is around 200mph. It is still in the same possibility to apply manual or automatic for the transmission. Ferrari Dino 2018 engine specs.

2018 Ferrari Dino Release Date and Price

There is no sure information about the exact date to release this awesome car. However, some people believe it would be the last six months in 2017. The estimation price to purchase 2018 Ferrari Dino is approximate $200,000. 2018 Ferrari Dino release date and price.